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Monday, August 31, 2015

Singer PRAIZ Full Biography,Life And News

FULL NAMES: Praise Adejo

DATE OF BIRTH: 8th March




Praiz, real name Praise Adejo is a young Lagos based singer who grew up singing in the choir while his father preached in the church. His unique singing style caught the eyes of many in a TV reality show in which he thrilled viewers in the country and beyond. He was
judged as the second runner up as he showed great signs of promise.
His family hails from Kogi State, he is Igala by tribe. He is the second child out of five, four boys and a girl. He studied Computer Science at Kaduna Polytechnic. He is a down to earth person, he loves to hang out with my friends, he love to swim and play football.


Some will recognise from his features on rapper M.I’sEpicor from fellow crooner Bez’s break-out hit Stupid Song. Also the 2008 finalist for the television singing talent show MTN Project Fame West Africa he didn't win but he reached the finals which gained him much reputation. Is slowly slowly but surely getting his own shine on though, having been nominated four times at the 2012 Headies.
His Rich and Famous HIT Single was his third single for the his debut album he dropped in the first quarter of 2013.

While he was independent, before he got signed to X3M Music, he released the song and it got some good air play. But now that he has a record deal, he reworked the song and it’s reproduced by Cobhams. The song is still going to be in his album so people should look out for that song because it’s going to be better.

In 2014 he released a cool hot pop single "Mercy" which was widely accepted by his fans.. Praiz has been developing really well with fame in his music career.
He uses instruments like Keyboard organ, guitar in his music and music videos making him more unique amidst other R&B singers.

A graduate of Kaduna Polytechnic the charming and handsome looking 20-something-year old has gone on to wow music critics and fans with cameo appearances which have won the hearts of music lovers and all. His style, which is a blend of soul and R&B, catches one attention easily. He is a gentleman’s valour and a lady’s need.
He is currently to X3M MUSIC and is already working on his debut album. His strong point is his ability to hit high notes as he teases with his high pitched voice from time to time.

He was said to have bought his mother a car in 2013 right after he got an endorsement deal.
He also bought himself a new Benz Mercedes car.
In 2014 he was also Said to have donated upto 10million for the surgery of child with hole in his heart
He also released his debut albulm in 2014.
Praiz won his first ever musicaward at the City PeopleAwards for Best Rhythm and BluesSinger of 2013
More after..
Also nominated numerous times at the headies awards.

Signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Telecom Giant MTN.

He Has managed to stay off the scandal radar


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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Singer PATORANKING Full Biography,Life And News

FULL NAMES: Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie

DATE OF BIRTH:    27th May 1990

OCCUPATION:       Singer,Dancer


Patoranking born to the family of Mr. Okorie, at Ijegun Egba Satellite town later moved to Ebute Metta a ghetto suburb of lagos. Attended Citizen Comprehensive College Epe and moved to Jibril Martin’s Memorial Grammar School Iponri Lagos were I completed my Secondary education. Growing up listening to music of the likes of Buju Banton, Bob Marley, Fela, Shakar Demus and P lies just to mention a few.

He started his showbiz dream as a dancer, dancing to all kind of music especially ghetto made music and dance hall vibes in street jams, carnival, gigs and also appeared in some local musical videos. He switched from dancing to miming and rapping in school and with friends in the ghetto going by the name Patorico, in 2003 he joined a six man Afro hip hop group known as Da Flavour Squad as the lead vocal and the youngest, they performed in a lot of shows within and outside Lagos, after some time he left the group for a solo career and later pitched his tent with Dance hall and Reggae Music that influenced him from day one.
The name Patoranking was given to him by a Jamaican who has love for his music and respect for his personality, ranking meaning highly respected was added to Pato to make Patoranking


He began his solo career under K-solo’s label “K-solo Music” where he released more than three tracks “So Nice”, “Anything Goes”, “Jolly” and “Hold am” and some others. Having gained more grounds in the music label he was signed, in 2013 he signed unto Timaya’s “Dem Mama” records.
Following the signing of Patoranking to Timaya's Dem Mama Record, and the subsequent production of the audio and video of Patoranking's single, “Alu barika,” the self-styled Egberi papa 1 seems bent on ensuring that his latest act turns into a formidable cash cow for his label.
After the successful debut single ‘Alubarika’ featuring Timaya, Patoranking had music lovers and followers requesting for the song on music charts, radio shows and so on.
With two new untitled singles in the works and accompanying videos shot in London, the artist is a star waiting to shine.
With his vocal command and patois flair, he has done over 10 collaborations and still counting with established acts like X-project, Konga, Slam, K Solo and many more.
He has gotten more known in the Nigeria music industry with likes of the songs he mad in 2013/2014 which really helped his career. Singles like: "how much"
"park well" "Girlie O" he later featured Nigeria's biggest female artiste Tiwa savage in 2014 for the remix of Girlie O which got them multiple nominations in 2014,also considered as one of the 2014's biggest hits by citypeople magazine.


Was nominated for many awards in 2014 also won few awards same year.
Won the headies awards for the NEXT RATED in 2014
Got a multi million naira endorsement deal from merrybet in 2014
His new label was said to have bought him a range rover in 2014.

The artiste was said have dumped timaya's record label that helped his career without letting them and left for another he believes will help more.

Few pics of him:

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Monday, August 24, 2015

TOURISM: About OLUMO ROCK Full History,New Pictures And Video.


LOCATION: Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.



Olumo rock is located in Abeokuta the Ogun state capital. The rock dates back to the days when songs of war dominated the airwaves in Yoruba land, that’s was in the first quarter of 19th century when Oyo empire was falling apart from pressure of Fulani attacks from outside and fraternal conflicts from within.

Egba is the name of the local people of Abeokuta who once live under the Oyo Empire. As of 2005 Abeokuta and the surrounding area had a population of 593,140.
Abeokuta lies in fertile country, the surface of which is broken by masses of grey is spread over an extensive area, being surrounded by mud walls 18 miles in extent. Palm-oil, timber, rubber, yams and Shea-butter are the chief articles of trade. It lies below the Olumo rock, home to several caves and shrines. The town depends on the Oyan river dam for its water supply, which is not always dependable.
Olumo rock, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, it sits in the ancient city center of Abeokuta – a name which means ‘under the rock’. Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egba people who found refuge at the Olumo rock during the inter-tribal wars in the 19th century. The rock provided sanctuary to the people as well as a vantage point to monitor the enemy’s advance leading to eventual triumph in war. The town of Abeokuta eventually grew as these new settlers spread out from this location. Olumo means “all the troubles and sufferings were over” .Olumo rock was turned into a tourist site in 1976 and thus commission in February 3rd 2006 by chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Olumo rock is natures massive monuments made of indigenous material, with the highest point at 137 meters from the base of the rock. From a perspective angle, it looks like “behemoth” in a sitting position; it also appears as a female mammoth guarding her brood. In metaphysics, the fact of its indigenous formation can be said to be its strength as a refuge, a hideout during the process of sitting in their new settlement which is the present day Abeokuta.

In addition, the rock functioned as a tower of strength for Egba in their wars to defend the new settlement. Symbolically Olumo is the single most important representation of Egba nationalism, it is the unique monument inseparably associated with their heroism and freedom. It is to them what status of Liberty is to Americans, it never fails to fascinate both the young and the old with its sheer size, configuration and several chambers located inside the belly of the “behemoth” in which its brood was hidden from the danger of incessant assault in the past. However Olumo rock became the symbol of unity, freedom of the Egba’s and all the residents of Abeokuta.

Domestic and international tourist now explore the special features of the rock which include the gardens on the rock, the natural tunnels and cleft path ways, the natural cantilevers and overhangs, the unusual trees, relics of the belief system of the early settlers on the rock. There is also three heavy escalators now installed at the 3 natural heights of the rock, covering a total of about 20 floor of a high rise building, tourist also experience a scenic and panoramic views of the ancient city from the highest peak of the rock.

We were showed the Ancient way which led to the top of Olumo rock,
the height of the rock is 137meters above sea level and at this point the whole Abeokuta could be seen e.g the first Church in Nigeria, N.T.A Abeokuta, Baptist Boys High School, The family house of late Abiola, the Central Mosque, Sanatan, River Ogun etc.
And not forgetting there is this cool elevator there for people who do not have the strength to climb using their legs like we did, i took the elevator though and it was fun.


Historically, Olumo rock was discovered by a hunter famer named Adagba and he found the rock to be a natural place of refuge from wars and threat of wars. Adagba retreated with his wife to the safety of the rock whenever the need arise. Egba reconnaissance men (consisting of three hunters) who met with Adagba where brought to the rock and were convinced that their search for a new secure home base is over. With the surrounding fertile wooded savannah and the presence of Ogun River, they believe that they have arrived at the promise land. Confirmation of the suitability of the site by Ifa divination was needed to seal of approval.
In 1830, shoeke, a hunter and leader of Egba refugees from Ibadan area founded the town of Abeokuta which means “beneath the rock”. The rock was later named “Olumo” which had two levels of meaning. The first is “Olu” (God) “Mo” (Molded) the second is “Oluwa fi mo” (God has put an end to our wandering and suffering).

Following the history TMTN learnt from the tour, it was said that the Rock is annually celebrated which involves sacrifices and according to history Human beings are what is used for this annual sacrifice majorly strangers but now things has changed has we've entered a civilized world they now use animals and fruits. They have this accient shrine inside the rock in which all these sacrifices are beeing done.

It was claimed that this rock has been a huge help to the town back in the day most especially for the Egba People of the town as it often save them from war and many more other attacks. There are many heroes statue there under the rock, i mean heroes who fought for the community.

It was noted that during the raining season Olumo rock produced water that could be used by local herbalist to cure sickness and diseases but it stopped producing water 50years ago, close to this point was a tomb behind the house of a chief called Sonni Osi-Toko who died on the 23rd January 1956 at 122yrs.
Another funny fact we were told is there is a very tall tree beside the uppermost part of the rock they said is over 300years old.




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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Singers PSQUARE Full Biography,Life And News

FULL NAME: Peter and Paul Okoye

DATE OF BIRTH: 18 November 1981

OCCUPATION: R&B, African pop



The story of P-Square began in St. Murumba secondary school, a small Catholic school in Jos, Nigeria[citation needed]. Identical twins Peter and Paul joined their school music and drama club where they began singing, dancing, and mimicking songs by MC Hammer, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson.

They later formed an a cappella quartet called "MMMPP" (M Clef a.k.a. Itemoh, Michael, Melvin, Peter and Paul). Drawing inspiration from their music idol Michael Jackson, they began break dancing, formed the group called "Smooth Criminals" in 1997. They dropped M Clef from the group "MMMPP" which later was changed to "MMPP". Their artistic talent and precise dance routine soon made them household names in the city of Jos, where they performed at school functions and other occasions.

Later in 1999, Peter and Paul returned to music school to develop their skills on keyboard, drums, bass and rhythm guitar. Their work includes the soundtracks for a number of films like Tobi, Mama Sunday, Moment of Bitterness and Evas River.

Later in 1999, they applied to the University of Abuja to study Business Administration. The Smooth Criminals disbanded when its members left to various other universities. Subsequently Peter and Paul formed their own group, variously called "Double P", "P&P", and "Da Pees", until they eventually settled on "P Square". They are managed by Bayo Odusami aka Howie T, a seasoned concert promoter and the CEO of Adrot Nigeria Limited.


In 2001, "P-Square" won the "Grab Da Mic" competition, and hence Benson & Hedges sponsored their debut album, titled Last Nite, which was released under Timbuk2 music label. P-Square was also nominated as "Most Promising African Group" in the Kora Awards three months after the release of their debut album. They eventually won the 2003 Amen Award for "Best R&B Group".

In 2005, P Square released their second album, Get Squared under their own label, Square Records. This album was marketed nationwide by TJoe Enterprises, although they were still managed by Howie T of Adrot Nigeria Limited. The video for the second album held the #1 position on the MTV Base chart for four straight weeks.

They have an ever growing fan base across South Africa with a particular stronghold of diehard fans in Cape Town.

The group has performed alongside the following international artists like Ginuwine, Sean Paul, Akon and Busola Keshiro. The members of P Square are now located in Lagos.

Late in 2007, they released their best selling album so far, Game Over. It has sold 8 million copies worldwide.

In 2009, P-Square released their fourth studio album, Danger. The album features collaborations with 2 Face Idibia, J Martins and Frenzy. The first single called "Danger" is a hip hop song with cutting synths and a frog bass baseline similar to an Eminem song. The video affirms this with the presence of clowns and staggered movements in front of the
reminiscent of comical videos by Eminem. They are also known for the close resemblance which the twins have to American R&B Superstar, Usher Raymond.

On 4 April 2010, P-Square was named the Artist of the Year at the Kora Awards in Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso while they were in London for a Concert at the Troxy, and they will receive a sum of $1 Million Dollars as the award winners, in Ebebiyin City.

The duo are reported to handle most of their production/beat making in house. The band has been faced with many controversies for their habit of sampling western songs and popular hits in their records. They have addressed the issue many times in interviews as well as in the lyrics of their songs. Technically speaking, P Square does more in the line of reconstructing the drum patterns, chord progressions or lyrics of the sampled songs as against actually cutting parts of the song and directly sampling into their production. This accounts for the largely electronic feel of their sound.

Some of the songs which have been called up on this account include "Get Squared", "Game Over", "Danger" and others.

P-Square attracted headlines because they reportedly turned irate when they were notified by organisers in the middle of their performance at the Guinness Show about some change in plans which would affect the length of their performance, and that of the next act, 2 Face Idibia. As reported by a news site, the info apparently stirred up resentment as Peter immediately said "I don’t know why, anytime a foreign artiste comes to Nigeria, they (show organizers) wanna treat us like slaves in our country". Although initially they continued their performance but midway through, they threw their microphones to the ground and angrily stormed out of the stage saying, "We are leaving; they don’t want 2face to come on stage" They were said to have immediately left the premises of the show, but after intervention of the show organisers, they came on stage later with 2face for a performance, but later on were apologised to.

The duo had a difference in opinion regarding what Peter perceived as a lopsidedness in individual input of songs which was getting featured on their joint albums with Paul getting a lion share of his songs selected. This led to Peter refusing to do anything P square for weeks. Peter relocated taking his wife and kids from the mansion they both lived years and accommodated their extended family in. A lawyer was also involved to help split their fortune as they were both involved in joint ventures over the years

After dating for seven years, Peter Okoye got engaged to his long time girlfriend, Titilola Loretta Omotayo. Omotayo is a marketing representative. The couple are already parents to son Cameron and daughter Aliona. On 17 November 2013, the two held their traditional wedding at The Ark in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. Public figures who attended the wedding include Aliko Dangote, Emmanuel Adebayor, Kate Henshaw, Genevieve Nnaji, Rukky Sanda, Folorunsho Alakija, May D, Toke Makinwa, Dr SID, Don Jazzy, and Karen Igho among others.

Paul Okoye met Anita Isama in 2004 while attending the University of Abuja. Their son Andre was born 11 April 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.The couple married on Saturday, 22 March 2014 at the Aztech Arcum Events Centre in Port Harcourt.

In January 2014, the Okoye brothers bought mansions next door to one another in Atlanta
Their worth is said to be the highest in the Nigeria music industry, but if split they are not the richest.
And peter is also known for posting sexy pictures of himself online flaunting his six packs and body structure.

Year Recipient Award Result
2013 P-Square "Best African Act" Nominated

Soul Train Music Awards

Year Recipient Award Result
2013 "Personally" "Best International Performance" Nominated

The Headies

Year Recipient Award Result
2006 Get Squared "Best R&B/Pop Album" Won
"Album of the Year" Won
"Get Squared" "Best Music Video" Won
"Bizzy Body" "Song of the Year" Won
P-Square "Artiste of the Year" Won

City Mag 9th Awards Show

Year Recipient Award Result
2006 P-Square "Best Hip Hop Group" Won

Nigerian Music Awards (NMA)

Year Recipient Award Result
2006 Get Squared "Album of the Year" Won
"Get Squared" "Music Video of the Year" Won

Channel O Music Video Awards

Year Recipient Award Result
2007 P-Square "Best Duo or Group" Won
2008 P-Square "Best Duo or Group" Won
"Do Me" "Video of the Year" Won
2012 P-Square "Most Gifted Group of the Year" Won
2013 "Alingo" "Most Gifted African (West) Video" Won
"Most Gifted Video of the Year" Nominated

MTV Africa Music Awards

Year Recipient Award Result
2008 P-Square "Best Group" Won
P-Square "Artist of the Year" Nominated
P-Square "Best R&B" Nominated
"Roll It" "Best Video" Nominated
2009 P-Square "Best Group" Won
P-Square "Best Live Performer" Nominated
2014 P-Square Best Group Nominated
Artist of the Year Nominated
"Personally" Song of the Year Nominated

KORA Awards

Year Recipient Award Result
2003 P-Square "Most Promising African Group" Nominated
2010 P-Square "Artiste of the Year" Won

Lil Perry Productions

Year Recipient Award Result
2010 P-Square "Producer of the Year" Won

MOBO Awards


Signed a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Globacom Nigeria in 2013 deal said to worth 140million naira
and many more endorsements in past.

They were also said to have been involved in family fight due to peter marrying LOLA OMOTAYO, it was even said they wrestled until peter and family packed out of the mansion.
They were said to have broken up but the issue was later resolved
Paul Okoye, one half of the musical duo, P-Square, was involved in a paternity scandal with a lady named Elshamah Igbanoi. The lady claimed Paul impregnated her; Paul denied the pregnancy and went for a paternity test.
Also in 2014 Peter Okoye didnt attend his elder brother's wedding Jude because Jude also failed to attend his wedding when he did his own

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Monday, August 17, 2015 No.1 Classified Site In Nigeria. Buy And Sell To Real People.

             Classifieds site #1 in Nigeria -


Nowadays communication plays a very important role. Almost everyone has a mobile phone that can help you stay in touch around the world. But technology does not stand still and now we have smart phones. It is a real miracle of technology. With their help, you can not just call and write messages, but also to have access to internet, use various social networks, information databases, maps, and every day to learn something useful. However the new technology is always very expensive, but because of the site you can buy a quality pre-owned Smartphone at a reasonable price.

This is a popular site where people of Nigeria every day make a bargain. The fact is that here you are without fear and prejudice can buy any used goods. You do not need to doubt the honesty of the seller, because all people are registered in Facebook and if necessary, the system can easily calculate them.

The controls are very convenient. To buy a used Smartphone you need to go to the catalog - Mobile Phones And Tablets - Mobile Phones. You will immediately see about 15 thousand of fresh ads. And problems with the new additions you will not have. After all, every minute of the site is added 5 new posts. You can immediately begin to search for and limit its cost, model, brand, color, etc. In addition, you can buy in the region and look around the country. You look for free. You just have to select and contact the seller. Forget about the tedious registration. Just find the item and it's yours. DO NOT make any payments before receiving an item.


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Singer SOUND SULTAN Full Biography, Life And News

FULL NAME:                    Olanrewaju Fasasi

DATE OF BIRTH:   November 27, 1976

OCCUPATION:      Singer-songwriter, Rapper,   Comedian, Actor, Musician, Record producer, Executive producer



Sound Sultan was born Olanrewaju Fasasias the fourth child amongst six children to Fasasi Liadi Alarape (Father) and Fasasi Adeyinka Ajarat (Mother). He attended Stepping Stone Nursery and Primary(1981-1987) school before moving to Federal Government College Ogbomosho(1988-1993) to attain his secondary school education before acquiring a degree in Geography and Regional Planning from Lagos State University in 1999 By 1991, Sound Sultan started taking a keen interest in music, miming at school parties and writing his own lyrics. He attributes his early influence to his elder brother Baba Dee who studied Theatre Arts. Most of his early stage experience was gotten through Baba Dee’s influence He started learning how to play the Guitar after his secondary school education, by 1999 he already a band.


Sound Sultan’s career in show business started professionally in the 90’s. He started hosting shows in order to raise money for studio sessions. The most prominent show he emceed was a talent show that discovered the likes of P-Square and Mr. Raw Nwanne. By 1999 he had won numerous local talent hunt shows, then he released his first single Jagbajantis in 2000which went on to be an instant hit and a classic song in Nigeria. After independently releasing other singles and featuring in hit songs of other artists he got signed by Kennis Music.Under kennis Music, he released four albums. By 2007, his contract with kennis expired July 9, 2008) then he teamed up with his brother Baba Dee to start “Naija Ninjas” which is a franchise that parents a record label, production outfit and a clothing line.

He is reputed for having several style and genre of music. After starting of a rapper, he has switched from R&B, Afrobeats, Soul and Fuji. He believes that genre isn’t a criterion for judging an artist, rather the form of message that is conveyed in the music is what matters Under Naija Ninjas he released “Back From The Future”(2010) and signed a couple of artists such as Karma Da Rapper, Young GreyC, Shawn and BlackaSound Sultan has built a strong relationship with renowned International artist Wyclef Jean. Their working relationship started from when he was featured alongside 2 face Idibia and faze on a song from wyclef’s

“Welcome to Haiti; Creole 101” album titled “proud to be African”. They have both gone ahead to collaborate on two other projects; King of My Country(2009) and People Bad (2012)In 2012, it was announced that Sound sultan was made a UN ambassador for peace because of his exemplary lifestyle and career
Sound Sultan is a devoted Muslim. In 2009, he married long-term girlfriend Chichi Morah who was a Christian and who is from the Igbo ethnic tribe. She has since converted to Islam after getting married and adopted the Islamic name “Farida”

Soundsultan's has remained relevant in the music industry since far long he started unlike others they started together. He keeps releasing at least a single or two which is gonna be a hit every year.

Soundsultan is also a type who is obsessed with his family and kids.
He is and he is still a very close friend of singer 2face Idibia and he was 2face's bestman on his wedding day...

won Headies awards in 2012 for his album, Nigerian EntertainmentAward Favorite Artist,
and many more awards..
Signed a multimillion naira deal with MTN and also an ambassador for the U.N and etc
He has maintained himself far away from scandals since long he started his career.

Few pics of him

sultan and 2baba


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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Producer DON JAZZY Full Biography,Life And News

FULL NAME: Michael Collins Ajereh

DATE OF BIRTH: 26 November 1982

OCCUPATION: Singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur



Michael Collins Ajereh was born in Umuahia and hail from Delta state. His family moved to Ajegunle city in Lagos state where he was raised, and graduated from Federal Government College Lagos. Michael Had always had a flair for music singing and playing the drums from the age of four. He developed a passion for the bass guitar at the age of 12, he went on study Business Management at the Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma in Edo state. He moved to London in the United Kingdom in 2000 after his Uncle invited him to come play the drums for the neighbourhood Church.

Various odd jobs followed including working at McDonalds and as a security guard. Already imbued with an intimate knowledge of traditional and percussion instruments, Don Jazzy further built on his musical knowledge during his UK stint. Finding fellow kindred sprits in the likes of Solek, JJC, Kas, The 419 squad and D'Banj, the gang would spend unrelenting hours practising, recording and performing different types of music.

His appetite for a full-time career in music could no longer be satiated when, in 2004, he partnered with D'Banj to set up the Mo' Hits label. Within two years, the prolific producer had wrapped up two albums (No Long Thing and Rundown/Funk You Up) with his former Mo' Hits partner and was working on a third, Curriculum Vitae. By this time, he had already started becoming a household name with the trademark intro – It's Don Jazzy Again!

In 2008 there were further production credits for the best selling album of that year, The Entertainer Don Jazzy repeated the trick with Wande Coal's Mushin 2 MoHits, an album that was described as one of the best albums to ever come out of Nigeria.


Don Jazzy's first full credit production work was in 2004 on Tongolo for Nigerian singer D'banj. He went on to produce D'banj's first studio album titled No Long Thing released in 2005
He has produced tracks for Dr SID, Wande Coal, D'Prince, Darey, Naeto C, Olakunle Excel et Zanga, Sauce Kid, Ikechukwu & Tiwa Savage. He also collaborated with Jay-Z and Kanye West on the production of Lift Off, featuring Beyoncé on the album Watch The Throne, released on 8 August 2011.

Although not acknowledging himself as a recording artist,he is responsible for doing most Background Vocals for Artists he produces for and sometimes does complete verses. His musical dexterity can be heard through his beats and well calculated vocals he assists to the likes of D'Banj, Sauce Kid, Dr SID, Ikechukwu, Kween, D'Prince and even Jay-Z and Kanye West on their Watch The Throne track Lift Off, featuring Beyoncé.

The soft-spoken humble producer who is known to grant less interviews, is an avid user of social networking sites with Twitter being his top. With over 200K followers, he is known to give birthday shout-outs to fans, give airtime recharge cards, iPads, and even money via Twitter. Such connection to fans, has earned him a song by some Twitter fan, special for his birthday, sing him praises and wishing him a long-life.
His love for exquisite African Fabrics and Male Indian-Gowns isn't a secret, but he is known to go with his own liking, switching whenever he feels like. At one point in 2011, he was frequently noticed to wear pajamas on daily-basis, in an interview he said, they are more comfortable. I prefer to call them colourful trousers. He is also known to wear sunglasses, carry walking sticks, of which he has several and alternating bling chains, African jewellery and rosary.

In 2011 his talents got him noticed by Kanye West who signed him up as a producer on his GOOD Music label. With over a 100 production tracks to his name, the understated genius has worked with a host of local and international celebrities. In spite of his whirlwind superstardom, Don Jazzy has never forgotten his humble beginnings and is very passionate about charitable causes.A video surfaced in the internet on YouTube, showing the signing of the deal,and Kanye West made a surprise appearance at the Koko Concert in London to officially show support and awarded D'Banj with his chain, as a gesture of welcoming him to GOOD Music.

However, after 8 years of hard work and struggles to set up the Mo' Hits label, around March 2012, rumours of irreconcilable differences between the label heads had been circulating,the die-hard fans of the record label and fans of the synergy of Don Jazzy and D'Banj where torn apart,with tweets by Don Jazzy saying Rumours you have all heard recently are sad but true. The way forward now is to make sure I keep bringing you guys more of the beautiful music y’all love to dance to.

On the wake of the split up, Samsung unveiled their "Built for Africa" products including an Afro-Pop home theatre which has been developed through the EQ tuning of a sound optimised equaliser – undertaken by leading African celebrity, Don Jazzy. The launch took place in Cape Town, and Don Jazzy had the following to say,“Previously, in 2011, Samsung were focused on the consistent improvement on sound quality and levels – which they were very successful in however, product innovations such as this one will drive the demand and brand loyalty towards their products far more and as long as they continue with this type of product development and drive I am sure they will continue to deliver strong, market relevant products – built specifically with the African consumer in mind,” concludes Don Jazzy.

Later in the year,on 7 May Don Jazzy kept his promise of a new beginning, taking to Twitter to announce his new Record Label known as Mavin Records and further promised to release a compilation album of the label artists the very next day. The album which was executive-produced by him, has gathered critical reviews, while blessing the fans with hit songs like Amarachi, Forever, Oma Ga, Take Banana and Chocolate, others are such a C.P.R, YOLO and the labels anthem I'm a MAVIN.

The multiple award winning producer also announced that Tiwa Savage would be joining the Mavin family. The signing of Savage, one of Nigeria's leading vocalists, is seen as a major coup for the budding record label and Don Jazzy promised fans that there are many more exciting faces to be "activated" by the label in the near future.
Don Jazzy was quoted saying, I see Mavin Records being the power house of Music in Africa in the shortest possible time

And for the love of social networking, the new label proceeded to make their own social network site known as Mavin League which is a platform for the labels fans to socialise and interact, but also a place for latest news and updates about the label.
The label boasts an addition of Tiwa Savage to part of the former members of Mo' Hits Records who is now the label first lady, with a promise of more addition of "Mavins" in the near-future. On 5 November 2013, he had a cold fight with his former label act wande over stolen of music production from him. While on 7 Nov his record label released official statement of wande coal departure from the label.
Tiwa Savage has been the biggest artist on the label since she joined as she keeps releasing hits after hits and most of them produced by label boss Jazzy adding to the fame Don Jazzy and Mavin records already has.

In September 2014, Don Jazzy calls on Reekado Banks, Korede Bello & Di’Ja to join the mavin crew in which all were happy to join the crew. This is a clarion call to all Nigerians to wake up.
2014 was a big year for Mavin records after release of multiple hits most especially the single "DOROBUCCI" which was sang by all the acts on the label, the song became the anthem of the year after massive acceptance from fans and music lovers.
He was featured by many stars to get on their song after after his hit single DOROBUCCI, artists like OLAMIDE,PSQUARE and others...

Don Jazzy have not been seen showing off whom he is dating but he's been rumored dating a lot of ladies.
He has also shown he is a generous man as he gives out often most especially to fans on the social media.

Nigerian Music Awards (NMA) 2006 Producer of the Year
Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2007 Music Producer of the Year

Got a multi million naira endorsement deal from Konga in 2015
Signed a multi million naira endorsement deal with MTN in 2013/2014
Became the major ambassador for LOYA Milk in 2013

The popular man can said to have no popular scandal in particular as we conclude him a noble celebrity.




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Friday, August 14, 2015

Singer OREZI Full Biography,Life And News

DATE OF BIRTH:      28/03/86.

OCCUPATION:          Singer,Song Writer.



Esegine Orezi Allen was born in Owhelogbo, Isoko, Delta State. He grew up with his family, and is the first of five children. He attended the Command Secondary School in Abakaliki. He graduated from the University of Lagos, where he completed the mandatory one year NYSCprogram.
He also took time to say little about his background in an interview see below:
"I was born in the 80’s and to a family of five presently. I attended command secondaryschool here in Lagos before I proceeded to university of Lagos where I bagged a degree in urban and region planning in the year 2008. I have a lovely and supportive family"

Orezi began his music career in early 2009. He has worked with several producers, including Kiddominat, Del B, and Dokta Frabz, among others. Orezi's first musical release was "I No Fit Lie". . Subsequently, Orezi headlined a show named after the song. The show was organized by the Continental Broadcasting Services (CBS), owners of Radio and TV Continental. 
In 2010, Orezi released "High B.P". The music video for the song was endorsed by MTV Base. In late 2010, he released another single titled "Jamilaya", featuring DJ Jam-Jam. Like its predecessors, the song received rave reviews. 
In early 2011, Orezi was featured on the track "Emoti", alongside Danagog, Igho, and DJ Debby. It was played on Trace TV, MTV Base, Sound City, and One Music. Orezi bursts onto the Nigerian Music scene after collaborating with DJ Jimmy Jatt. He was featured on Jatt's song with Sauce Kid, Muna, and Igho, titled "Komije".

Orezi released the music video for his song "Booty Bounce", which featured cameo appearancesfrom Karen Igho, Bovi, Wande Coal, Kay Switch, Sina Rambo, Vina, Danagog, Skuki, and General Pype, among others. For several weeks, the song was one of the top ten African songs on Trace Urban, Channel O, and MTV. The music video for the song received a nomination in the Reggae/Dancehall category at the 2012 Channel O Music Video Awards. 

Orezi performed at the 2010 Star Trek musical concert tour, held in Kaduna and Markurdi. He also graced the stage at Nigeria's 50th Independence Anniversary celebration, organised by the Kaduna StateGovernment in 2010. In early 2011, Orezi performed at DJ Jimmy Jatt's "Jump Off Show". The show was held at the Get Arena in Lekki. He has performed at several club tours, both in Nigeria and South Africa. He was part of the Emoti Tour organized by DJ Debby. He also performed at Club Inc in South Africa. In 2012, Orezi performed at the Rhythm Unplugged concert in Ibadan, and toured with Trace Urban& St. Remy.

Orezi, who is currently working on his debut album, has released the music video for his "You Garrit" single.
In 2013 Orezi released his first big hit single "RIHANA" the song which gave him more fame and threw him out to the Nigeria/Africa Music industry after getting signed by his current record label SPRISAL.
The music video for the song was shot in South Africa. When the song was released and sent to radio stations across Nigeria, it received great acknowledgement from the public.

The music video was said to have cost his record as much as 7.3million naira.
He also got signed to Davido's record label HKN in 2013.
He also released more singles in 2013 like: You garrit etc.
In 2014 he released a new single titled: SHOKI which fans are already screaming to.

He also said something funny in an interview in 2014 in his words he said:
"I Just Want To Make Fame And Dump Music--Orezi"
He also said he might not marry a pretty woman in the nearest feature.
He also Plans Debut Album For2014 With Rihanna To Feature.
Orezi was stopped from performing at Covenant University by the school authority, he was said to have been invited by the students with a huge amount of money.

Best Club BangerWon
The Prestigious ChannelO Music Video Awards
UNILAG AwardsBest New ActWon
SSMA. (South South Music Awards)Won
2013NMVA (Nigerian Music Video Awards)Best Reggae Dancehall ArtisteWon
The singer has no endorsement yet as 2014.
He was said to have been arrested for Drugs in Dubai in 2011

See pics of him:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Singer BURNA BOY Full Biography, Life And News

NAME: Damini Ogulu

DATE OF BIRTH: (2nd July, 1991)


OCCUPATION: Musician: Singer, Rapper


Burna Boy is a popular Nigerian Singer and Rapper Hails from Ahoada, Rivers State, he was born and raised in the Garden City, Port Harcourt; attending Montessori International School for his primary education before moving to Lagos. He went to Corona, Agbara for his secondary school education, after which, while furthering his studies in the UK, found his true calling to be music.
Burna Boy‘s grandfather,Benson Idons was the manager of Afrobeat legend,Fela Kuti.
He was grew up by a financially O.K family. The singer speaks The Yoruba language as if he is Yoruba man.


Burna Boy officially broke into the music industry in December 2010 when he moved back to Nigeria from London, and has since been bringing in the hits bumping speakers all over Port Harcourt. But, It wasn’t until June, 2012, when he made a cross-over to the Lagos music scene with his mid-tempo Summer Jam,“Like To Party”that the budding star got the media sphere in a serious buzz.

Burna Boyis a splendid vocalist and he oozes versatility as his unique sound blends Dance-hall, Afrobeat, R&B and Hip-Hop into one tightly knit package. His songs span from ballads full of depth, sometimes to controversial subject matter as well as, as his Dance-hall tendency implies, songs that are just meant to get you in the mood for the groove. Signed to Aristokrat Records and, more often than not, teaming up with their in-house producer, the acclaimedLeriq;Burna Boyhas been able to churn out two hot mixtapes –“Burn Notice”and“Burn Identity”back in April and November, 2011 respectively.“Burn Notice”produced the catchy anthem“Abeg Abeg Abeg”; the soulful“Sweetest Girl”featuringLeriqand the dance-hall candy,“Wombo Lombo Something”. While“Burn Identity”showed a more mainstream quality to his music as he experimented with Reggae, some Afro Pop and more of his prevalent Dance-hall influenced sound.

Here, he jumped on Frank Ocean‘s“Novacane”to tell his sojourn into the music industry on“My Journey”; featured the likes of Davido,Korkormikor,L.O.S,P.R.E.(ofTwisted Mindz),Sauce KidandShank, and produced such bangers as“Firewood”, “Trumpet”Feat.Davido, “Wickedest Luv”Feat.L.O.S.and“Friend Like Me”Feat.Shank. Having created such a buzz in the industry,Burna Boy headlined his own Industry Nite in the year 2012 and has performed in a large catalogue of massive concerts, from – Rhythm Unplugged, the New Edition concert in Port Harcourt;CarniRivandCalabar Carnival, to – his own Burna BoyLivein Port Harcourt.
In 2012 his video for“Wickedest Luv” still in the works, here’s hisSesan-directed video for“Abeg Abeg Abeg”which peaked at No. 4 on Sound City Top Ten and peaked at No. 7 on Nigeria Top 20.

In 2013 He gained more massive hits with the songs released by him like: #Yawadey, Run My Race, Smoke Some Weed which really enjoyed massive airplays and downloads. These songs got him nominated for several big awards including the HEADIES award in 2013/2014. He finally released his much anticipated Album [L.I.F.E] in the late 2013 which is still enjoying much sale in market as at 2014. He has gone to USA, Canada & Cyprus for shows in 2013/2014
In 2014 He got featured by one of Nigeria's Biggest Musicians Of All Time D'banj on a single titled: – "Oya Wait" and he later featured D'banj in his own single.

He was said to have been very pissed off after he lost the HEADIES award to singer Sean Tizzle, the award which gets you a brand new car as a prize for winning, he angrily worked out of the award scene after losing to Sean tizzle.
"Burna boy is a very unique artiste different from others in the ways he sings his Afrobeatz song" fans say. He is also a an a type who loves tattoo and do smoke. Some say he smokes marijuana.

Nigerian Entertainment Awards- Best new act,
Aye Awards
Burna Boy Signed Multimillion Naira Globacom Deal In 2013 Which made him a glo ambassador. He currently has upto 115,000 tw

"Burna Boy Allegedly Slaps A Salesgirl At Silverbird Galleria in 2013"
"He was rumoured to have stabbed somebody to death"
"He was deported to Nigeria in August 2010 due to being caught for running bank scams. He Is currently banned in the U.K in which is stopping him from having shows there."
"He once went half nude on stage in front of fans in 2013 saying he is imitating music legend Fela Kuti."
It was also said that him and Star Nollywoood Actress Tonto Dikeh are not in Good terms
Although some of this allegations were denied by him.


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Monday, August 10, 2015

Singer CHIDINMA Full Biography Life And News

NAME:                      Chidinma Ekile

DATE OF BIRTH:        May 2, 1991

OCCUPATION:          Singer, songwriter

 MARITAL STATUS:   Not married


Chidinma Ekile, the sixth of seven children, was born in Ketu, Lagos State. Both of her parents are from Imo State. She worked as a business promoter in Lagos prior to auditioning for the third season of MTN's Project Fame West Africa. Chidinma started singing at the age of 6, and grew up with a disciplinarian father. When she was 10 years old, she joined her church's choir. She attended primary and secondary school in Ketu prior to relocating to Ikorodu with her family. Chidinma is currently studying Sociology at the University of Lagos. She initially wanted to study Mass Communication. Chidinma declined her admission into the University of Lagos due to her advancement in the aforesaid competition. In an interview with YNaija, Chidinma said that she has always taken school seriously and her decision to enroll at Unilag was inevitable. She also said that music hasn't always been on her agenda, and that she decided to give it a try after winning the MTN Project Fame competition. After dying her hair red and getting a mohawk, people started perceiving her as a good girl gone bad. In an interview posted on the Daily Independent website, Chidinma said that she is still the same. She also said that she's evolving and growing as a musician.


Prior to auditioning for the third edition of Project Fame West Africa, she dreamt of being part of the reality TV show that was instituted in 2008. With the help and support from her close knit friend, Chidinma left her home in Ikorodu and went to the Ultima Studios, the venue for the show's 2010 Lagos auditions. She was among the 8,000 or so contestants who went to showcase their talents that year. Subsequently, Chidinma advanced to the Fame Academy round alongside 17 other contestants. For 10 weeks, Chidinma and the other contestants were coached by musical professionals: voice coaches, inspirational speakers, established musicians, and music business service providers. Moreover, contestants were taught choreography and several rehearsal drills. On September 26, 2010, Chidinma became the apparent winner of the competition. She won several prizes, including N2.5 million, a 2011 Toyota RAV4, and an album production deal.

Chidinma started working on her debut studio album, Chidinma, after releasing a collaborative project with the other finalists of MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 3. The album was scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2011. Chidinma spoke briefly on her album and said that she put a whole lot of energy into the album. Chidinma worked with different producers for her first studio project, including Cobhams Asuquo, Tee Y Mix, WazBeat, and Oscar Heman Ackah. On February 22, 2011, she released the singles "Jankoliko", featuring Sound Sultan, and "Carry You Go". Both songs were written and produced by Oscar Heman Ackah. In an interview posted on the Weekly Trust website, Chidinma said that she's happy about the positive response she received after releasing the song, and is working hard to improve her craft.[7] The music video for "Jankoliko", directed by Clarence Peters, was released on June 4, 2011; it ran for 3 minutes and 33 seconds. On October 11, 2011, Chidinma released "Kedike", the album's third single. The song translates to "Heartbeat", and was produced by Cobhams Asuquo. In an interview with Entertainment Rave, Chidinma said that "Kedike" is a song that depicts love. She and her producers invented the word "Kedike". On October 11, 2011, she also released the album's fourth single "Run Dia Mouth". The music video for "Kedike" was released on January 24, 2012. It was directed by Clarence Peters, and released at a total length of 3 minutes and 5 seconds. Dammy Krane, a recording artist signed to Tuface's Hypertek Records, played Chidinma's love interest in the music video.
2013-present:Upcoming album

I'm working on my album right now. I’m working with different producers and artistes trying out new things. A lot of people wonder aloud: “are you sure this is Chidinma”? So I’m just trying out a lot of things and testing waters. I’m moving out of my comfort zone actually.

-Chidinma speaking to Entertainment Rave about her upcoming project.

Chidinma began recording her upcoming album in the fourth quarter of 2012. On September 14, 2012, she released the album's lead single "Emi Ni Baller", featuring her fellow labelmates Tha Suspect and IllBliss. The song was produced by Legendury Beatz. It peaked at number 7 on Vanguard's "Top 10 songs that made 2013" list. On February 22, 2013, Chidinma and her record label released the remix of "Emi Ni Baller", featuring Wizkid. The song was also produced by Legendury Beatz. On June 12, 2013, CAPital Dreams Pictures released the music video for "Emi Ni Baller". It was shot and directed in the U.K by Clarence Peters. On June 10, 2013, Chidinma released "Bless My Hustle" featuring Phyno, "Kite", and "Jolly", three singles off the upcoming album. "Bless My Hustle" was produced by Tha Suspect, and "Kite" was produced by Del B. "Jolly" was produced by Wizboy.

On September 14, 2013, Chidinma released "Oh Baby", and on January 29, 2014, she released "Oh Baby (You & I)" featuring Flavour N'abania. Both songs were produced by Young D. On May 2, 2014, the same day as her birthday, Chidinma released the music video for "Oh Baby (You & I)", which was directed by Clarence Peters. The video stars Ngozi Nwosu and OC Ukeje.

Chidinma performed with Dr SID at the MTN Power of 10 Concerts, a ten-city tour that celebrated MTN Nigeria's ten year anniversary. The tour kicked off in Makurdi on September 9, 2011. Chidinma was one of the supporting acts on the 2013 Hennessy Artistry Club Tour headlined by D'banj. On November 3, 2013, she performed at the Guinness World of More Concert alongside P-Square, D'banj, Wizkid, Ice Prince, Burna Boy, Olamide, Phyno, Waje, Davido, and Tiwa Savage, among others. On November 9, 2013, Chidinma performed with Blackstreet at the Butterscotch Evening Experience, a concert held at the Eko Hotels and Suites. On February 14, 2014, she performed at the MTN Valentine Rave Party, alongside Tiwa Savage, Mario, and Sound Sultan. Chidinma has performed in several countries across Africa, including The Republic of Benin, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, Cameroun, Equitorial Guinea, Niger, and Ghana.
in 2014 she became romantically involved with rich rapper and singer LYNXXX.

Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA) Video of the Year Nominated
Best Pop Extra Video Won
Kora Awards Best Female West African Act "Kedike" Won
Signed a multimillion naira deal with mtn in 2013


Sex tape accusation
In November 2013, a viral sex tape of Chidinma's look-alike surfaced on the internet. Many people were convinced that Chidinma was the one in the sex tape. Speaking to Sunday Beats, Chidinma debunked the rumors. She said that she felt bad when she initially heard the story.[39] In an extensive interview with Nonye Ben-Nwankwo, Chidinma elaborated on the sex tape scandal. She said that while her fan base grew from the incident, she felt quite devastated. She also thanked her core fans for their support through the scandal.



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