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So my brother, if there is any girl on your path or anybody you have
offended. Please try and make peace with the person before proceeding
with any plans you are having for your fiancee. It’s important to avoid
any tragedy” he advised while i nodded calmly. Fifteen minutes later, we
left the pastor’s office and headed to Chioma’s apartment. My mind ran
through many directions as i drove. I couldn’t help but play back the
pastor’s advice over and over in my head. “so what exactly did he tell
you, because you look so withdrawn?” Chioma asked curiously, “well he
told me that a lady was weeping for me and that i should seek
forgiveness and make peace with whoever i wronged” i answered slowly.

 She breathed deeply and kept quiet.
“what’s wrong?” i asked, “nothing just thinking” she answered. As we ate
lunch an hour later, she brought up Mary’s issue again. “what are your
plans. When do you intend seeing her again?” she asked, “i will pay her a
visit later in the evening. Please let it not bother you” i pleaded.
She shrugged and smiled. “i would have loved to go with you” she
offered, “don’t think about it my dear” i winked at her.
I left for my apartment after the meal, took a little rest and patiently
waited for nightfall. At exactly 7pm, i left my apartment and headed to
Mary’s with a nervous mind. I got to Mary’s apartment in no time and
knocked calmly.

Her sister answered the door almost instantly and stared
at me with hatred. “hey good evening. Is Mary around?” i asked. She
eyed me for a second and scoffed, “what do you want with her again?.
Didn’t you send her away from your house?” she asked scornfully,
unsettling me with the question. But before i could answer, Mary showed
up at the door.
“who’s it?” she asked her sister, freezing as our eyes clashed, “what
are you doing here. What do you want again?, havn’t i left your life for
good huh?. You know few days ago i was willing to do anything to have
you back, but i’m happy to say that you aren’t worth it. So get out of
here” she barked with anger, sending me backwards with the venom that
came with the outburst.

There wasn’t any doubt she was now overcome with hatred and perhaps
revenge towards me. Her love unfortunately has evolved into hatred. “how
do i seek peace with her in this condition?” i wondered with alarm, as i
reminded myself that my happiness with Chioma was in her hands. I
needed her forgiveness and preferably blessing in order to avoid any
unnecessary tragedy in my life….
“listen to me Mary, i beg of you please” i pleaded, but she never cared
to listen. “get out of here this minute or you will get to regret ever
coming here” she threatened. I stood my ground and still pleaded,
surprising them with my behaviour. “i guess we should wait and listen to
whatever he has to say” her elder sister cut in, “no way. I’m tired of
listening to him, he deservers a dirty bucket of water and that’s what
i’m going to get” she barked and went inside the house. I turned and
fled without another word. It was one thing to be assaulted verbally and
another thing to be assaulted physically. The fire in her eyes and
voice told me she meant every word and i wasn’t ready to take the risk
of going home soaked with dirty water.
“what’s up.

How did it go with Mary?” Chioma asked the next day. “i
didn’t achieve anything. I only got insulted and embarrassed” i
answered. She dropped her eyes and held my hands. “i’m sorry” she
murmured, “nothing will stop us from getting married. We will travel
together to see my parents and the next day travel to your
hometown. It’s better we kick off things without delay” i said to her.
She smiled and stared at me with love. “really?” she said with
happiness. I smiled back at her while the pastor’s advice came flashing
back in my head. “you have to make peace with anybody you have offended
in order to avoid any tragedy” his voice kept repeating.
The next weekend, I took Chioma home to see my family. Everyone was very
delighted, especially my mother. Chioma equally lived up to expectation
drawing out smiles from everybody. “it’s really bad that you abandoned
us my son. When you were still a student you came home almost every
weekend, but now it’s a miracle to see you in three months. That’s bad,
but seeing my daughter inlaw to be, the joy she brought along has made
me forgive you” my dad seriously said to me, while i looked down a bit
ashamed for staying away from my family and also happy at the same time
for the manner in which they recieved Chioma.
The next day Chioma and I headed to her home. Her family equally
welcomed us with open arms. She introduced me to everyone and they had
no problem accepting me. After a little discussion, i reached an
agreement with her family to start up the first stage of marriage talks
in the coming saturday {which traditionally is called knocking of door
in Igbo culture.

The traditional way of a suitor formally introducing
himself to his girl-friend’s family. A keg of Palmwine and a bottle of
schnapp are the only items required{ in most places}. After which the
marriage list { or list of items required as part of the bride price
will be handed to the suitor if he so desires. Though the list isn’t
given out for free} *Igbo is a tribe in the southeastern part of
I returned to the city later in the evening, happy and proud of myself.
Chioma joined me the next day. “i’m so happy. You are wonderful” she
thanked me with love and gratitude, while i kissed her happily. I was
very determined to Marry Chioma but the only obstacle now was the
pastor’s revelation and getting Mary’s forgiveness.


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