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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Top 10 News Stories In Nigeria Today! [26/01/2016]

Hello readers.. Here is today's "Top ten news stories in Nigeria" brought to you by Apata Bayode


=>  Tinubu's Wife Criticizes Buhari: "Expected Change Is Not Being Experienced

The wife of the national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Senator Remi Tinubu has mocked President Muhammadu Buhari’s government during the Senate plenary today, January 26.
Tinubu’s wife said that the change now experienced by Nigerians is not what was expected.
The senator also stated that the Buhari’s administration will incur the wrath of women if something is not done to improve the allocation to the women’s affair ministry.
Mrs.Tinubu also accused the government of abandoning women in IDPs.
Buhari’s ministerial list of 36 nominees has only six women. Five are from the North and one from the Southwest.
The gender picture in former president Goodluck Jonathan’s administration was by far better. He had more than 10 ministers in his cabinet.

=> Dead bodies discovered in foundation of Enugu church building [PHOTOS] - Dailypost

Church building with humans built with the foundation in enugu002
The report credited to Dailypost, gathered that there was chaos and tears yesterday evening at Ugwuaji, along Enugu Port-Harcourt Express road, when human parts and almost fresh dead bodies were discovered in an uncompleted building.
Residents in the area are pointing accusing fingers on the new church located close to the scene. One of those who were at the scene described the act as “wicked and the most inhuman action I have seen in my entire life.” He said:
“I was traveling when I saw the crowd there and had to stop. This is wickedness of the highest order. Accusing fingers are being pointed at a particular new church along that road; I don’t know who did this; but I must say that the wicked will never go unpunished. People no longer value human lives; for whatever purpose this was done, it is heart breaking.”

 => Oil Crash: Nigeria Producing At $5 Per Barrel Loss -Vanguard
LAGOS — As oil prices continue on the downward slide, Nigerian oil firms may be producing at up to $5/barrel loss, as average production costs for independent and marginal field producers is between $30 and $35/barrel.
Oil prices, yesterday, resumed their free fall, with Brent crude, similar to Nigeria’s sweet crude grade, falling 2.6 per cent to $31.34 a barrel following a 10 per cent rise on Friday, while U.S. oil shed 95 cents to $31.24.
To compound the producers’ woes, a significant proportion of what is produced is lost to oil thieves and pipeline vandals, which they insist are even more dangerous than the bearish run oil prices
Industry chiefs, who spoke exclusively with Vanguard on phone, argued that the turbulence in the international oil market deserves urgent attention.
Specifically, they insisted that the Federal Government needs to be talking with Nigerian producers very fast, if it must save indigenous companies from running aground and plunging the economy into deeper crisis than it is in already.READ FULL NEWS

»  FG To Earn N2.5b Daily From N50 Bank Charge - Theguardian

OVER 50 million active accounts in the banking sector will be enlisted in the new revenue drive of the Federal Government with the takeoff of the N50 stamp duty on financial transactions.
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has already communicated the commencement of the N50 stamp duty deduction on receipt of financial value of N1000 and above from bank accounts to financial institutions.
However, only transfers from personal account to another personal account, both at the same bank or another bank are exempted from the charge.
With the act already in force, there are projections that the total number of direct cash lodgements in various accounts in banks, the transfer of cash arising from Point of Sale, Automated Teller Machines and mobile money transactions, among others, may hit 50 million in volume per day, with an estimated value of about N2.5 billion daily.

 => Jonathan gave Dasuki campaign funds -Vanguard
 – With President Buhari Nigerians are in for a one chance bus
 – The money that Dasuki received were not for arms purchase
 – Assessment of the Adams Oshiomhole administration
Colonel Sambo Dasuki and former president Goodluck Jonathan
Tony Aziegbemi, the member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo state, in the interview to the Vanguard explains why ex-president Goodluck Jonathan trusted campaign funds to his National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki.
Politician, who served two terms in the House of Representatives, dismissed the issue of arms scandal and gives his assessment of the administration in Edo state.
Aziegbemi stated that with President Muhammadu Buhari at the helm of affairs in this country, Nigerians are in for a one chance bus.

 => New viral disease rivals Ebola, Lassa fever - Punch
However, barely 24 hours after WHO’s declaration, the organisation made another announcement that there was a new probable case. The new case was in Sierra Leone and it came 43 days after the last known case. It was a sad report but the WHO, Center for Disease Control and all concerned authorities got to work.
Though Nigeria had promptly fought the war against Ebola when it found its way in, the country had started battling other life-threatening diseases almost immediately. The Avian Influenza, commonly known as Bird flu became the next headache. Though it is typically a poultry disease, the strain N5H1 found in Nigeria can be transmitted to humans. Then, as if that wasn’t enough Lassa fever, another type of viral haemorrhagic disease, reared its head. This time monkeys are not the key carriers as in the case of Ebola, but rats.

=> BreakingNewsLassa fever: Ogun puts undergraduate, 18 others under watch - Punch
Samuel Awoyinfa, Abeokuta
Ogun State Government said on Tuesday that it has placed 19 people including a female undergraduate of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta under watch for Lassa fever.

=> Pupils Sit And Lie On Floor In Akwa-Ibom Communities’ Schools - Vanguard

OYOKU ASANG—PUPILS reluctantly recline and sit on the floor in ramshackle classrooms to learn at public primary schools in Oyoku Asang and Okisu communities, Okobo Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State because of the state government’s inability to provide them adequate chairs, benches and other basic education requirements. Uncomfortable parents/guardians are pulling out their children/wards in their numbers from the ramshackle public primary schools, citing unspeakable infrastructure decay and neglect by the state government.
Findings by Niger Delta Voice showed that pupils, indeed, sit down on bare floor to be taught at Government Primary School, Oyoku Asang, due to lack of chairs, while teachers deployed to the schools by government typically abandon their posting. We also learned that the Government Primary School, Oyoku, has only one decrepit block of four classrooms forcing primary four and five pupils to squeeze themselves into one classroom.

=> Nigeria, Iran Clash Over OPEC Emergency Meeting - Leadership
With the global economy reeling from plunging oil prices occasioned by massive over production, Nigeria, a key member of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which depends hugely on oil revenue for its foreign exchange, has requested an emergency meeting to discuss steps to possibly cut down oil production and prop up oil prices.
But Nigeria’s call has been opposed by Iran, another prominent OPEC member, which claimed that the time is not yet right for such an intervention.
Minister of state for petroleum resources, Dr Ibe Kachikwu, made the call for an OPEC emergency while speaking at a panel session at the ongoing World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, adding Nigeria’s voice to those of OPEC members, such as Venezuela, that are requesting an emergency meeting of the oil-producing nations to address the current oil crisis. 

=> Forex restriction: Nigeria loses 50% cargoes to Cotonou port - TheNation

The Shippers` Association Lagos State on Tuesday said 50 per cent of cargoes meant for Nigerian ports were being diverted to Cotonou port as a result of the Central Bank `s forex restriction on some imported items.
The President of the association, Mr Jonathan Nicol made the disclosure while speaking in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.
He said that many Nigerian shippers had diverted their cargoes to the ports in the Republic of Benin since the policy started, adding that there were less restrictions on imports in the West African country.

=> Photos Of  The lady Olisa Metuh gave $2m Surfaces Online-
Meet beautiful lady Olisa Metuh gave $2mMeet beautiful lady Olisa Metuh gave $2m
The further investigation into $2bn arms purchase fraud revealed that Olisa Metuh, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) spokesman gave part of looted money to a so-called Wealth manager at ‘ARM company.’
The given money were reportedly meant to change to naira and invest on behalf of Metuh’s Destra Investments Limited.
Nneka Araraume, a staff of the Asset and Resource Management Company Limited, testified to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) that she received $2 million in cash from Olisa Metuh on December 2, 2014.

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