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Friday, March 31, 2017

Romance: 10 Habits Of Happy Couples

Watching all those happy couples around, you just can’t stop wondering how do they do it? Why do you struggle so much in your relationships when others seem to enjoy themselves? Well, to tell the truth, it is the result of constant hard work, progress, and self-improvement as says the experts from Maria Dating.

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Senate Approves E-Voting, Passes Amendment To Electoral Act

The Nigerian Senate, Thursday, passed amendments to the Electoral Act 2010, approving the use of electronic voting in future elections.
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Nigerians can now apply for driver’s license online. See how.

In the spirit of the continuous revamping of processes of public ventures and ease of making transactions which has seen the Nigerian Immigration service launch a 48-hour online visa application system for businesspersons, the Federal Road Safety Corp has introduced a new and easier way of requesting and renewing driver’s license in all the states of the federation.

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Health Tips: Drink Lemon Water Instead Of Pills, If You Have One Of These 15 Health Problems

The consumption of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach provides various health benefits.
Namely, this amazing drink is high in antioxidants, protein, vitamins B and C, phosphorus, volatile oils, potassium, flavonoids, and carbohydrates. It strengthens the immune system and has potent antibacterial and antiviral properties.
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Mind-Blowing Facts About Nigeria You Probably Have Never Read

What are the facts about Nigeria you have probably not read before? You might have read a lot about Nigeria, but you probably have not seen any of these:
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Ten Emerging Young Billionaires To Look Out For In Nigeria

Nigeria is reputed to have the highest number of billionaires in Africa. Nigerian billionaires are always recognized in the international ranking yearly. The Dangotes, Adenugas and Elumelus are always in the limelight but no attention is given to the young and upcoming ones. So we decided to show just a few of them in the list below:

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

ASUU Gives FG Till July To Pay Federal Varsities N128bn Allowances

Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), has urged the Federal Government to pay the outstanding arrears of its members not later than July 2017.
ASUU National President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, stated this today during a news conference at the University of Abuja. According to him, the FG is owing academics in federal universities unpaid allowances of not less than N128 billion.

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Actor Nuhu Abdullahi Full Biography (Kannywood)

BIRTH NAME:           Nuhu Abdullahi

DATE OF BIRTH:      January 3rd, 1987

OCCUPATION:         Actor, Film Maker

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Ten Richest Lawyers In Nigeria You Should Know

While growing up, there were usually three professions extolled by the average Nigerian parent. They either wanted their children to be doctors, engineers or lawyers. Sometimes this dream did not come to pass. Why a lawyer? The favorite reasons were and still are: money, power and the prestige that come with having a lawyer as a child. Apparently, there is money in the law profession. we recently gathered the names and a little background information on the wealthiest lawyers in Nigeria.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Voice Nigeria 2017 Season 2 Auditions (Venues & Dates)

It’s another round of excitement, drama and intrigue as The Voice Nigeria, proudly sponsored by Airtel in association with Coca-Cola, returns for a second season exclusively on Africa Magic! Auditions for the show begin on the 4th of April, 2017 in four cities across Nigeria.
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Actress Omoni Oboli Full Biography

BIRTH NAME:            Omoni Oboli

DATE OF BIRTH:        22 April 1978

OCCUPATION:           Actress, Film Maker, Director, Scriptwriter



Omoni Oboli is a popular Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, director and producer. She is a trained digital filmmaker at the New York Film Academy. She is a gifted Writer, with several intriguing screenplays to her credit: including 'Fatal Imagination', 'Being Mrs Elliott', 'The First Lady' and 'Wives on Strike'.

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Meet The Nigerian Boxer "Babyface" Who Won N2m In Just 10 Minutes (Photos)

On a night filled with Technical Knockouts (TKOs), Lagos based youngster and fast growing pugilist Rilwan “Babyface’’ Babatunde emerged the Most Valuable Boxer of the GOtv Boxing Night 11, held at the Obafemi Awolowo stadium, Ibadan on Sunday, March 26.

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Top Ten Richest People In Nigeria 2017 (Forbes)
So its 2017 and we all know a lot has happened top our economy within the last 12 months. T.I.N Magazine have taken our time to compile and rank the richest people in Nigeria like we did last year. In case you don't know recent report has it Dangote and Adenuga have lost about 7.4billion this past months .
This ranking was set based on the Real-time Forbes estimates of the richest personalities in Nigeria and other credible net worth raters. some people's ranking might have been judged based on 2015's most recent ranking by Forbes due to the fact they have not declared their assets and they haven't been looked into since then.
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Why FG Banned Imports Of Packaged Tomato Past To Nigeria

The Federal Government has banned the importation of packaged tomato paste, powder or concentrate, and increased the tariff on the importation of tomato concentrate among others from 5% to 50 % in order to revive the tomato sector.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Remembrance: Ten Brave Nigerians Who Died in The Service of Fatherland

We remember Nigerians who did more than wearing uniforms; we remember Nigerians who gave their lives for Nigeria; , Nigerians who came, saw and practically wore the flag to the grave.
There are thousands of Nigerians who died in the course of serving Nigerians, from law enforcement agents to journalists to citizens directly or indirectly killed by the incompetence, negligence and greed of the handlers of the nation. It is not possible to mention all of them.
We look at the ten of them, hoping that their combined story and tragedy would stir something in you, if not to make you want to die for Nigeria but to make you want to live for Nigeria and live honourably.

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Top Ten Beautiful & Sexiest Young Nollywood Actresses 2017

Hello readers, T.I.N Magazine brings to you something different this time. We will be showing you ten prettiest and sexiest young Nigerian actresses in Nollywood. Well, by "young" we mean actresses under the age of 35. Some of these actresses you may know and some you may not but the fact remains the same; they are young pretty/sexy and they are Nigerians! So checkout our ranking and rating of them below.
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Actor Sadiq Sani Sadiq Full Biography (Kannywood)

BIRTH NAME:            Sadiq Sani

DATE OF BIRTH:         February 2nd, 1981.

OCCUPATION:            Actor


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Monday, March 27, 2017

6 Ways Red Wine Can Be Beneficial To Your Health (must read)

Unknown to many, red wine has several health benefits. Red wine consumption goes beyond casual drinking and/or for the purpose of intoxication.
You can include red wine in your dinner, either as a sauce or complimentary ingredient, and still reap its benefits.
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The Eko Atlantic Project, 2017 update photos and What to know

Eko Atlantic, officially Nigeria International Commerce city, also known as Eko Atlantic City, or the initials E.A.C. and E.A., is a planned city of Lagos State, Nigeria, being constructed on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean.Upon completion, the new peninsula, which is still under development is anticipating at least 250,000 residents and a daily flow of 150,000 commuters. The development will also have a positive environmental impact, as it will help in stopping the erosion of Lagos State's coastline.

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Actress Adunni Ade Full Biography

BIRTH NAME:             Adunni Adewale

DATE OF BIRTH:        June 7th

OCCUPATION:           Actress, Model

MARITAL STATUS:    Not Married

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Federal Universities In Nigeria You Can Easily Gain Admission Into This Year

Most of 2017 UTME prospective applicants who don't want to make serious mistake of applying for an extremely competitive universities, demanded for the easiest and cheapest ones.
You will agree with me that, it is not logical to apply for an extremely competitive universities where you cannot gain admission or when the chances is extremely low.
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Actress Hadiza Aliyu Gabon Full Biography (kannywood)

FULL NAME:                Hadiza Aliyu

DATE OF BIRTH:         June 1, 1989

OCCUPATION:             Actress, filmmaker


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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beauty Of The Day: Meet This Nigerian Mother & Her Adorable Quadruplets Who Are All Boys(Beautiful Photos)

Here are pictures of a Nigerian woman, her quadruplets who are all boys and her daughter. She is based in France and she goes by the name “thequadrupletmamaandfive’ on Instagram.
She’s got a really beautiful family. See the photos below:
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New Discovery Says: Avoid Eating These 4 Leftovers At All Cost If You Love Your Health

Leftovers are easy to reheat and can be consumed quickly. However, reheating meals is not so harmless.
According to experts, there are some foods which should never be reheated if you want to protect your health.
There are foods that can be reheated multiple times, but also foods that should never be warmed up again. Consuming some reheated leftovers can serious harm your health, so make sure to avoid the 4 following leftovers:

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250,000 Kebbi State Farmers To Be Made Millionaires By Year End With Rice Farming

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has revealed that no less than 250,000 Kebbi farmers will be made millionaires by the end of 2017.
This was disclosed by the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele when he visited the WACOT Rice Factory in Argungu on Thursday. Addressing the farmers, Emefiele said:
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Wow!Checkout The i.Con Smart Condom: It Tracks Your Performance And Detects STDs

In what seems like the ‘world’s first smart condom’ a company in the UK has designed the “i.Con”— which uses nano chip technology to measure performance and detect STIs.
The i.Con device uses a nano-chip and sensors to catalog numerous variables during sex — including duration of intercourse, calories burnt, the “average velocity” and the total number of thrusts per session and then relay the information to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.
Once the user is done doing the deed, the data from their session is loaded onto their phone — either through the i.Con app or micro-USB port. The Smart Condom also tells you how you stack up to other people from around the world.
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All You Need To Know About Penile Cancer; Signs&Symptoms (must read)

Cancer Research UK said 95% of penile cancers develop from slow growing squamous cell carcinomas so catching penile cancer early is key to recovery, yet many men don’t know the sings to look out for.
While most men know all about prostate and testicular cancer symptoms, many people don’t have the same awareness penile cancer.
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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Win ₦250,000 In The Akwa Ibom State Government Logo Design Competition

Are you a Graphic artist, Logo designer or can you make an amazing logo using Corel Draw and Photoshop?
You have just 11 days to submit an Amazing logo to
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Job Vacancies: Massive iROKOtv Recruitment For Offline Sales Agents

IROKO is Africa’s leading Entertainment Technology Company. Launched in 2010, by Jason Njoku and Bastian Gotter, it is one of the most talked about African internet start-ups, thanks to its flagship Nollywood movie platform iROKOtv.
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Inspiring Story of Pregnant 29year old LASU’s Best Graduating Student Who Wrote UTME 7 Times

At the 21st convocation of the Lagos State University (LASU), a total of 36,489 were awarded various degrees; it was momentous for them, but not unusual in the institution’s grand scheme of things. What has caught the attention of the press and the public is the story of its best graduating student for the 2015/2016 session, Remilekun Orefunwa.

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History: The Lengend Of Ajala Travel, Africa’s Most Famous Traveller(pics)

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Friday, March 24, 2017

New: Ten Most Handsome/Sexy Actors In Nollywood 2017

This is a ranking that has been requested by many T.I.N Magazine readers, and finally, we present to you Nigeria's Cutest and hottest actors in Nollywood. Well, the ranking is based on; how pretty they look facially,how sexy they look in the body sector, how dope their skin is and their dress code. This is strictly for 2017 and 2017 alone.

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Must See: How to Get a Spotless Face by Using Natural Home Remedies

Everyone wants a beautiful and smooth face, we all want to look our best at all times without having to expose our skin to the various chemicals and products that cost a lot of money. Some of the ingredients used to make these products can be harmful to the skin in the long run and cause illnesses or infections. It is possible to maintain a clear face using common foods and fruits in the home, you just need to know what to mix and how to use them for maximal benefits. The following are some simple recipes to take care of your face.
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Romance: Men Reveals Top 18 Biggest Turnoffs About Women (must read)

Men have revealed their biggest turnoffs when it comes to dating women. Have you been wondering why he never called again after the first, second or third date? Or why he ditched you? this might be the reason.
Hooking up with the man of your dream might be easy but keeping him by your side or getting him to take that huge step towards a marriage bound relationship might take a little bit more efforts.
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World Bank approves $57 billion for Nigeria, other Sub-Sahara African countries

The World Bank Group has announced the approval of $57 billion for Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries for the next three years.
A statement posted on the bank’s website on Monday said the World Bank Group President, Jim Yong Kim, made the announcement before leaving for a trip to Rwanda and Tanzania. Mr. Kim will be visiting the two countries to emphasise the bank’s support for the entire region.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nigeria Ranks No 1 in Internet Usage in Africa, See Full List

With over 91 million internet users in Nigeria, the country has been ranked number one in Africa in terms of internet usage.
Access to the Internet is fast becoming a human right in the eyes of millions of people from around the world. This is because the Internet has evolved to a point where people see internet access as vital for them to exercise and enjoy their rights to the freedom of expression and other fundamental human rights such as education.
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Health Tips: 5 Things You Should Stop Doing before Bed

Most of us are guilty of certain habits we indulge in right before bed, some of these contribute to sleeplessness while others generally tell on your health with time. The funny part is that most people do not even know that these habits have noticeable effects on the health. How do you stop doing something when you do not even know that it is affecting your sleep? These are some of the commonest things that you should stop doing right before bed:
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20 Nigerian Celebrities Who Have Directly or Indirectly Ventured Into Politics

Today we bring to you an interesting list, this one shows us Nigerian entertainers that have ran for public offices or that has been appointed into one.
It is now a common trend for a lot of successful Nigerian celebrities to resort to carving a niche for themselves in politics and other fields.
Here is a list of top Nigerian celebrities who have joined politics.

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Full List Of All The Real Oil Block Owners in Nigeria. (Should See)


Below is the list of real oil block owners in nigeria as revealed by This Day

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Reasons Why You Should Eat The Cherry "Agbalumo" More Often

It is also called giant star apples  based on the configuration of the seeds inside the fleshy fruit or Agbalumo/Udara based on local dialect.
The fruit which is botanically called Chrysophyllum albidum is found throughout tropical Africa, blooming between December and April in Nigeria.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Actress Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya Full Biography. (Kannywood)

BIRTH NAME:            Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

DATE OF BIRTH:       July 1st

OCCUPATION:          Actress

MARITAL STATUS:    Not Married

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Romance: Here Are Top 10 Easy Ways To Spot Ladies Who Have No Boyfriends(guys)

Are you desperately looking for a girlfriend or ‘wife material’? Some girls can be so cunning, if she is bent on hiding her Boyfriend status, trust me you won’t know…But in all you might want to know the attitudes displayed by Ladies without Boyfriends. So you just take a deep breath and read along with me. Ways to spot Ladies who have no Boyfriends..
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Firm to Build Nigeria’s First-ever Waste-to-Power Plant

Strancton Limited, a private power firm has opened discussions with the federal government to build the first-ever waste-to-power plant in Nigeria.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Appalling State of Nigerian Airports

From the 8th of March the Nnamdi Azikwe International airport, in Abuja, Nigeria’s second busiest airport will close for approximately six weeks for repairs. It is to enable the authorities carry out essential maintenance work on the facilities and pot-holed runway. Julius Berger, contracted to do the job, are ready and have promised to have it ready in time.
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Beauty Of The Day: The Hottest Female Fire Service Officer In Nigeria(pics)

Dooshima is a very pretty and excellently charming officer of the Federal Fire Service who is naturally endowed , she sent a message to Nigerians, but her beauty has captured everyone more than her message.
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See Female Nigerian Celebrities Who Has Claimed To Be Virgins

It may sound incredulous to say that a female celebrity in Nigeria is still retaining her virginity, considering the level of promiscuity that is usually associated with their lifestyle. It may not have crossed your widest imaginations that we still have a hand full of them who have decided to remain holy and loyal to their future husbands. Meet these daring ladies who value their pride and would not let it go for a million dollars!

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Nigerians 6th Happiest People In Africa, Algeria Africa’s Best - World Happiness Report

Despite the economic recession and other challenges plaguing Africa’s most populous country, a new report reveals Nigerians are Africa’s sixth happiest people. According to the new report released on Monday, Algeria leads the rest of Africa in happiness, followed by Mauritius.
Strife-torn Libya is surprisingly ranked third, ahead of Morocco. And even a bigger surprise, another crisis-torn nation, Somalia is Africa’s fifth happiest country ahead of Nigeria and South Africa, ranked 7th. Tunisia is eighth and Egypt ninth, while Sierra Leone comes tenth on the list.

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Century Power Begins 2000mw Power Plant Construction In Anambra

Century Power Limited, a subsidiary of the Obijackson Group, owners of Nestoil Limited, plans to start the construction of a-2000megawatts (Mw) thermal power plant in Anambra State, it was learnt.
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Stereotypes and Prejudice to Deal with While Studying Abroad

Many of us consider studying abroad a great opportunity. True, some time spent as a student in a foreign country affects your life greatly. You become more independent, more capable of dealing with various stresses, gain more knowledge, learn a foreign language (as well as find out more about another culture), becoming a more interesting person and a more valuable employee at the same time.

However, if you think that your experience in the foreign country will be nothing but pleasant, think twice. While studying abroad is indeed a great opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss, it also involves a lot of stress. Everything around you might seem strange, foreign, and hostile at some point. Moreover, there’s a big chance of you having to deal with various stereotypes and prejudice on top of that.

While most people are perfectly capable of overcoming these struggles successfully, in order to do so, you need to know what exactly you have to overcome. So, let’s talk about the most common stereotypes and prejudice you might face while studying abroad.

                    The Most Common Stereotypes and Prejudice

Every culture has a certain image based on their most distinctive features (they are usually portrayed in various movies, books, etc. but they rarely have something to do with reality). You shouldn’t subdue to those stereotypes yourself, of course. At the same time, you should still keep the stereotypes about your country and nation in mind in order to be prepared for what might come. These stereotypes might be quite good: for example, Americans are often considered friendly, open-minded, hard-working, and generous. However, they might be bad too: for example, some often see Americans as immature, too loud, rude, and wasteful.

You should remember that while some of these stereotypes are good and some are bad, every one of them can affect you in not a good way. You might be shy and introverted, but at the same time, people might expect you to be friendly and easy-going simply because of your culture. In this case this could lead to various misunderstandings: for example, people thinking you don’t like them instead of simply accepting the fact that you’re shy.

Prejudice can be quite unpleasant too. You might find yourself feeling like you are responsible for the image of your whole nation, having to address questions and remarks about views that you don’t actually share. For example, some people think poorly of Nigerian education: Nigerian school programs are considered too easy in some places and so there’s a common prejudice about the whole educational system. There are other common prejudices too, which are important for you to know:

- Nigerians are often considered ignorant of the rest of the world and their problems;

- Movies and TV shows affect the stereotypes and prejudice too: for example, you might have to answer why people in the Nigeria have so much sex or do so many drugs;

While researching these stereotypes and prejudice might be very unpleasant, it is still an important thing to do. This will make you more prepared to the challenges you might face. Moreover, when you learn the most common prejudice and stereotypes, you will be able to learn how to react to them.

How to Deal with All These Stereotypes and Prejudice?

Don’t be angry when people subdue to them. Sure, some people might be hostile to you, saying something offensive, but even in this case lashing off at them won’t be the best choice as it could lead to even more aggression towards you. If you find yourself in the situation like that, simply walk away.

Try to remain calm and patient even if people treat you in the way you don’t like. It might take time for them to change opinion, but if you are friendly towards them, they will change their mind eventually. Think of the way you can answer the prejudice addressed to you. While you might not have a clear opinion about all these questions listed above, you should consider developing one in order to be more prepared.

And don’t worry: even if it might seem tough at first, it will be fine later. Learning how to deal with that kind of things is similar to learning how to write a dissertation on your own without using the help of a custom writing service: you have to research a lot and probably worry at first, but then it all becomes much easier.

I wish you good luck with your studying and hope that you’ll be able to overcome all the challenge!

Author's Bio:
Kevin Nelson started his career as a research analyst and has changed his sphere of activity to writing services and content marketing. Apart from writing, he spends a lot of time reading psychology and management literature searching for the keystones of motivation ideas. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin
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