Top 10 Richest Comedians In Nigeria 2018 (updated!)

Hello… T.I.N Magazine readers, well this is a ranking we’ve never brought to you before and this time around it is about our beloved Nigerian comedian. Many have been asking us to rank the richest comedians in Nigeria and that’s what we’ve done today. The ranking is based on how much they charge per show and how often they get called for shows, their endorsement deals and assets, their successful shows and digital market’s worth. So enjoy as you go through..             

These Are The Richest Comedians In Nigeria


10. Yaw
This is yet another popular comedian. He makes money from MTN adverts, radio presentations, event anchoring, equipment leasing and so many other businesses. Yaw has his own share of exclusive properties among the elite.

9. Okey Bakkasi


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Okey Bakkasi is a comedian, actor and politician, he started acting and doing stand up comedy while still in the university. Okey Bakkasi was the Senior Special Assistant to the former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim. He is a household name in the entertainment industry.

8. Seyi Law
Seyi Law won the AY Comedy competition in 2006 and since then he has been blossoming as a stand up comedian. He is always at most events for performance and has his own show “I must laugh”.  He is the big deal in southwest he attends almost every show or concerts organized in any southwestern state. Seyi often attend many shows outside Nigeria too.

7. Mark Angel
Well, most of you may not believe this but we are proudly telling you this guy is crazily rich right now. Sure you know this guy and the popular comedienne Emmanuela they’ve taken over the skits world since 2015. They make the most of their money from Youtube,their blog and shows. Mark Angel earns the most from the group. He makes at least 3million naira per month from Youtube only.

6. Julius Agwu
With two popular events namely: Crack Your Ribs and Laugh for Christ Sake, he has bagged millions by charging 2-3 million Naira per event.
He owns properties spread across 3 states in Nigeria and is the CEO of Real Laff Entertainment. He made over 20 million Naira from a book launch and reports says he takes home tens of million Naira annually

5. Bovi
Presently, he is probably the hottest in the industry. He has made millions from
organizing tours adverts, and events. There is always a rush for
tickets and if you are not early enough it would have sold out. Bovi
also signed a multi million naira deal with Glo in 2015. He often
headline most shows in Nigeria every year.

4. I Go Dye
This comedian doubles as the CEO of Revamp Construction Company, a real estate and road Construction Company.He is also an Ambassador to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal.
With a lot of assets this guy is quite one of the top dogs in the industry.

3. Ali Baba


Having  hosted several events for dignitaries amongst which are past Nigerian presidents, he gets paid a lot.
His residential home in a Lekki is a mansion valued at over N300 million Naira . He also has a chain of businesses in Lagos and is a motivational speaker besides his professional comedy business.He charges an average rate of 4-4.5 million Naira per event, and only hosts a minimum of two events weekly.

2. AY

This comedian rose to fame at a rate faster than was expected, he charges a performance fee between 1 and 2 million Naira per event and makes tens of million naira annually via his A.Y. live events. He also owns an event company and MVP club. AY’s worth has skyrocketed since he ventured into the movie industry having a lot of successful movies to his name.

1. Basketmouth


This is another comedian that takes entertaining his fans very serious. He has also become the Brand Ambassador for companies like Globacom Ltd. and Amstel Malta.
He hosts events in London, America and South Africa which are always sold out and through his Basketmouth Uncensored platform he has gained too much popularity.
He reportedly has an endorsement deal worth over 120 million Naira annually, he is definitely  the richest comedian in Nigeria.