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Fashion: 8 Stylish Ways Every Fashionista Can Rock Ankara Statement Pieces.

Everyone loves Ankara fabrics… err, well everyone I know. Ankara
fabric over the years has carved a niche for itself and risen above the
wrapper. That one that our mothers used to tie and afterwards keep in
their lefe boxes (you remember that red and black box abi). So yeah,
Ankara has decided to leave the past behind and get into the 21st century like every other good thing.

There are several ways to rock a statement piece with different
accessories;  necklaces,  wrist watches, rings… but for now, let’s stick
with Ankara pieces. Ankara is loved because it’s versatile and not
limited to gender, age, personality etc. Anyone can wear Ankara.

You can make different fascinating styles with Ankara fabric.

Here are 8 fabulous ways to stun in a statement Ankara piece:

Look gorgeous in a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits give me joy. They are so simple and chic; like always if
you’re looking to go bold, it can be achieved by blending with a mix of
Ankara prints.

Photo credit: Naij.com

 As a Top

You can rock this in a whole number of ways;  With jeans, a midi skirt, pants, high waist skirt etc

Photo credit: hubpagesnews.blogspot

As a Blazer

Step out in a unique Ankara blazer or jackets. This look is classy and chic.

Photo credit: ashob.com

Rock as a Tie

Nothing screams stylish and unique like this. Rock Ankara as a necktie, bow tie or simply as an ascot.

Photo credit: osaseye.blogspot

As a Midi Skirt

Whether as a pencil skirt, high waist skirt, fitted or flared; midi
Ankara skirts are just as fab and stylish. To complete the look, pair
with any simple pretty top of your choice.

Photo credit: hubpagenews.blogspot

Beautiful in a Midi Gown

Just like the midi skirt, Ankara midi gowns gives you a chic, fun vibe that you can rock anytime and anywhere.

Photo credit: dabonke.com

Slay effortlessly in an Ankara neck-piece

Stand out with an Ankara neck piece. It makes your outfit look lively and stylish all at once.

Photo credit: woman.ng

Then my favourite of the lot, wow with a head wrap

Ever find yourself tired of spotting the same hairdo but don’t feel
like making your hair? Or you’re just having a bad hair day? Like
earlier stated the Ankara has evolved is not just for wrapper tying; now
you get to also have fun with a headgear while covering that untidy
hair. Can you say killing two birds with one stone?

Photo credit: madivasmag.com

Featured Photo Credit: Afrocosmopolitan.com

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