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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Factors To Consider For Grant Of Bail in Nigeria

Though the right to bail is a constitutional and statutory entitlement, in reality, the granting authorities in most cases, exercise discretionary powers in granting bail to suspects/accused persons/defendant. The power to use discretion is generally recognized by the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015.See Section 165 (1). In exercising the discretion to either grant or […]

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS SERIES: Is Bail Actually Free in Nigeria? *what to know*

  The Meaning of Bail In deciphering the concept and practice of bail, two key words require definition. These are “surety” and “recognizance”.  “Surety” means a formal assurance especially a pledge, bond, guarantee, or security given for the fulfillment of an undertaking “Recognizance” on the other hand is a bond or obligation, by which a […]